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New in store: Frozen SAE Scout

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Having some trouble with the long-range encounters? Check out the new Frozen SAE Scout making its first appearance in the game!

This light-weight bolt-action sniper rifle is just the tool for when you need to land the critical shot. Chambered in .308 Winchester it delivers swift justice -- right through the roof with its stunning high damage -- while the combination of reduced recoil and rifle design makes it superior in rate of fire to other rifles of this class. Not to mention the icy looks that will chill your enemy to the bone! Frozen SAE Scout comes equipped with a suppressor allowing you to leave the enemy confused and uncertain of your location if not dead, while the folding bipod allows enables you to switch to the sidearm faster when needed.

This rifle can be found in Random Kredit Boxes in temporary or permanent variants. Please be advised that permanent items require maintenance and repairs so make sure to check your equipment every now and then!


The 'Icebreaker' weapon set gives you access to unique set-related achievements -- collect these to boast your success in the game, and stay classy!

Make 'em take a chill pill!

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