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The Katana is now in store

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The Katana is a traditional weapon of the Japanese warriors – the Samurai – renowned for its efficiency in slashing any obstacle: wood, armor, even bones! Albeit an outdated concept, there’s nothing like unsheathing a full-size battle sword of the Samurai when facing the enemy and out of ammo – respect the traditions.

The weapon is needless to say, excessively popular and as such has received a great deal of attention – weapon skins. The Avalanche variant features the combination of blue, white and jet black, appreciating every inch of the blade, with some occasional red marking. Keep in mind – you need the basic Katana to use this skin!

The Katana will be available in the store for a limited period of time, to be found in Random Kredit Boxes. The Avalanche skin will be available for direct purchase for 350 Kredits in the store.

 Kill 10 000 enemies with Katana
 Kill 25 000 enemies with Katana

After 10000 and 25000 combat eliminations with the Katana, these stripes will be available for you to pin on your profile. Wear ‘em with pride!

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