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Direct shop update

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Three powerful guns have been summoned to the store and will be available there via Direct Sale till around 11:00 CEST (9:00 UTC) on the 26th of June:

  • Golden M14 Crazy Horse
  • Golden Desert Tech MDR-C
  • Regular FN FAL DSA-58

Golden M14 Crazy Horse

M14 Crazy Horse sports one of the highest damage values of all semi-automatic sniper rifles in the game. That makes it incredibly potent when facing multiple enemies, as it allows you to land consecutive shots on the same target, or choose an entirely different prey right away. This horse is amazing!

Golden Desert Tech MDR-C

It is an engineer gun that allows barrel and zoom upgrades. This bullpup SMG features controlled recoil, quick reloading and high damage, which allows to pierce helmets even when using a silencer.


FN FAL comes equipped with a unique tactical grip, DSA-58. This is a considerable improvement in terms of handling the weapon, drastically increasing the accuracy when fired from the hip. Custom high-powered munitions allow it to deal increased damage to arms and legs, as well as grant it improved effectiveness at greater distances.

Rise up!

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