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Immense shop update

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Immense weapon line-up has been assembled! The following weapons will stay in store till around 11:00 CEST (9:00 UTC) on the 25th of October:

  • Regular and Golden AK-12 via Kredit Random Boxes 
  • Regular and Golden Tavor TS12 Custom via Kredit Random Boxes
  • Regular and Golden CZ 75 Czechmate Parrot via Crown Random Boxes
  • Regular and Golden SIG MPX SBR Custom via Kredit and Crown Random Boxes + Regular SIG MPX SBR Custom via Direct Sale (Kredits)
  • Regular and Golden McMillan CS5 via Kredit Random Boxes + Regular McMillan CS5 via Direct Sale (Kredits)
  • Regular and Golden M249 Para via Kredit Random Boxes + Regular M249 Para via Direct Sale (Kredits)
  • Regular and Golden SCAR-L PDW via Kredit Random Boxes + Regular SCAR-L PDW via Direct Sale (Kredits)
  • Regular USAS-12 via Kredit Random Boxes + Regular USAS-12 via Direct Sale (Kredits)
  • Regular Calico M9515 via Kredit Random Boxes + Regular Calico M9515 via Direct Sale (Kredits)

Special Highlight: AK-12

AK-12 sports first-rate specs: incredible damage, extraordinary range and comfortable recoil. The rifle will come in handy almost at any distance! Moreover, considering that it deals additional damage to limbs every impact will inflict substantial damage to the opponents.

Gold AK-12 is worth of a special highlight: while its flashy design is predictably amazing, the increased rate of fire, larger magazine and additional ammo make it overwhelmingly powerful. This gun is a must-have for that top-of-the-line slot in your armory - it will be a reliable friend in any heated battle!

For the glory!

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