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Migration to MY.GAMES – details for Warface

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We have already informed you that Warface will be migrating to MY.GAMES tomorrow early morning. Here are some further details regarding this process.

Migration details

Let us quickly go through the main things again:
  • Migration will not affect any progress of your accounts whatsoever. What migrates is just the login system ( -> MY.GAMES)
  • Migration will take place approximately from 2 UTC to 6 UTC, December 4th
  • Migration will not affect Warface Marketplace
  • It will NOT be possible to: log in the game, pay for anything, log in the website or any corresponding pages, pre-order battle pass
  • We will also probably switch off the servers, if needed.
  • You will just have to accept new Terms and Conditions and new EULA to migrate to MY.GAMES
  • If you have a Steam account, just log in via Steam, the procedure is the same
  • Most links will now start as
Please follow the news and our social media channels to get yourself updated on the process.

Customer support

  • The customer support website will be unavailable due to the technical maintenance from December 3rd, 21:00 UTC until the end of the migration process.
  • All tickets created in a previous support system will be archived upon moving to the new website and will be available in “read only” mode. You’ll need to create a new ticket after the maintenance to continue the work on your ticket.
  • Please note that even though the ticket might be closed, the assigned specialist will still continue to work on it. However, if this did not happen or your ticket requires personal communication, we kindly ask you to open a new ticket with the problem after the migration is complete.
  • Should you face any problems while the customer support is offline, please report it on the forum or to Pask (Pask160#8730) on Warface Discord.


  • You will be able to keep playing if you logged in before the maintenance, but it will be impossible to log in afterwards.
  • After the maintenance you’ll need to accept new legal documents and log in with the same credentials you had before. As simple as that. 


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