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Warface FAQ #18

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Warface FAQ #18 is here. Get the answers to the most burning questions and don’t forget to check out our previous articles:

  • Is there any new information on the EU and NA merge?
The current ETA is still the same - Q1 of 2021. We’ll update you on it as soon as we have more details. We see your multiple requests to merge the servers, but it’s not possible to do it right away. It’s a сomplex procedure, and we want to complete the merge as smoothly as possible.
  • Will you remove “Blitz” from the Ranked Matches?
As we mentioned in the article on this topic, our decision was based on the opinion of the majority of the players. We carried out an opinion survey in the game center for the RM participants, and it turned out that most players want “Blitz” back. Thus, “Residence” and “Hawkrock” are going to remain there.
  • Remove the crossing map. It's a horrible map full of bush campers.
We can remove it if the demand for it is high enough. Considering that now it appears in rotation once a month for a week, and you can choose a map you want to play on, we don’t see much sense in removing it completely.
  • Hi. There was Turkish language support. Why did you remove the Turkish language?
It was added unintentionally. The localization wasn’t properly tested yet and thus got removed for further testing. However Turkish language support will be added back in the nearest future along with the voice-over, stay tuned!
  • Can you remove the regional lock for PVE?
Thanks for the suggestion, it has been forwarded to the project team for discussion.
  • Why the new weapons aren’t available in Warface Dollar boxes?
We have an alternative way to let you get your hands on some new weapons - the crafting system as well as the events (like “Winter Operation”). They are more challenging than just opening the boxes but those top-tier arms are worth it.

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