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Soon in game new mechanics: modifications

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A system of mods will soon appear in the game. The new mechanics will give another option to fine-tune and customise your favourite guns and equipment.

Three main advantages of the mechanics

  • Choice. It's up to you to decide how exactly to upgrade an item and what specs you need, which ones are worth improving, and which characteristics are not that important for you.
  • Balanced mods. Modifications improve performance but do not tilt the balance of the gameplay. The weaker the mod, the less adjustments it requires via an additional negative effect since it will not produce a significant impact on the game. If the effectiveness of the mod increases, thereby increasing its impact on the gameplay, the perk is mitigated by a negative effect.
  • Free. To unlock mods, you will need a special currency, which is mainly earned in matches. You will just play with your favourite gun, get a currency at the end of the match, and use it to unlock new mods.

We have prepared a detailed video on how the new mod system will work. Be sure to watch it and share your impressions in the comments!

How do you like the new mechanics, soldiers?

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