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Ranked matches 2.0: Season 14

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Hone your skills to perfection in the new Ranked Matches Season that will be available after the maintenance. This time it will be easier to reach the summit as in every league you will have additional attempts to prove that you are the best! Your efforts will be rewarded: you will be able to get "Salamander" gear, rare "Amethyst" camos and unique achievements.


"Salamander" gear for ranking up


The new season starts today at 14:00 CEST (12:00 UTC) and will end on October 23, 10:30 CEST (08:30 UTC). The squads will fight on all “Plant the Bomb” and “Blitz” maps, except for "Platform".

Heaps of rewards are awaiting!

  • Mind-blowing weapon skin series: “Amethyst” and “Jade Dragon”;

  • Unique achievements including the "Soldier of Fortune!" stripe for the first league;

  • Random boxes with skins for reaching the higher leagues;

  • "Salamander" gear for all classes for reaching certain leagues.

List of special rewards
League Reward
21 "Salamander" gear set for Engineer (for 10 days)
20 "Salamander" gear set for Medic (for 10 days)
19 "Salamander" gear set for Sniper (for 10 days)
18 "Salamander" gear set for Rifleman (for 10 days)

Please note that you will get no Crowns, Boosters or Warface Dollars upon reaching leagues 21-18!

You can always track your progress in your account overview on the website.

Progression and rewards 

In order to advance between leagues, you need to win consecutive matches. As you climb higher, you will have to display better prowess, flexibility and persistence. At the same time, you won’t drop down instantaneously if you happen to lose — you will have a chance to recover by winning a series of matches. If you fail to use this opportunity and continue to lose, you’ll roll back to the previous league.

The winning streak bonus works a bit differently: if you manage three wins in a row in the last matches of the previous league, you will automatically get one win in the new league. Here is an example.

Sixth league
A bonus for the winning streak is not counted: you will not be granted additional victory in the fifth league. A bonus for the winning streak is counted: you will be granted additional victory in the fifth league.
Winning streak bonus works only up to and including the fourth league!
League advancement Amount of victories for advancement
from 21 to 18 1 victory out of 5
from 17 to 12 2 victories out of 6
from 12 to 8 3 victories out of 7
from 7 to 5 4 victories out of 8
from 4 to 1 5 victories out of 9


It will be incredibly tough to drop out after reaching the first league — you will have to lose 9 matches out of 10. This has been implemented as a preventive measure to let the top contenders master their skills to perfection while enjoying the competitive scene, without worrying over losing their rank.



Base rewards


Warface dollars









  1 000



  1 250



  1 500



  2 500



  3 000



  6 000



  10 000



  47 750


Additional rewards




 15% XP booster for 1 day


 15% Warface Dollar booster for 2 days


 15% Vendor Points booster for 3 days


 for 5 days  for 16 days  for 15 days


All participants that win at least one ranked match will receive the “Warface Ranking Matches League” mark.

Top contenders that finish the season in the first league will be able to proudly fly their “Soldier of Fortune” stripe. Please note that if you skip a season, you’ll have to wait until the 12-season cycle is complete to try and earn that achievement again! The full list of all 12 achievements for reaching the first league can be found in the announcement.

The absolute champions that collect all 12 stripes will receive a unique badge, “Best of the best!”.

Soldier of Fortune

Players will be able to receive the following custom achievements:

League Achievement


Main camo rewards  

Special seasonal camos "Amethyst" are awarded for reaching the first league . Please note: when opening the reward boxes these camo items do not drop again, if you have already obtained them.

MSBS Radon

Sidewinder Venom


ORSIS T-5000



Jade Dragon weapon skin for reaching the 3rd league or higher

(one of the skins is selected at random)

Random Box for reaching the 5th league or higher

(one of the skins is selected at random)

Compete and conquer! 


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