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Battle Pass "Mutiny" Ends Soon

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We would like to remind you that the current Battle Pass "Mutiny" will finish tomorrow, on the 25th of November at around 07:59 UTC (08:59 CET), and so will the last Ranked Matches season, featuring Blitz game mode. Make use of the remaining time to have fun, finish missions and get the well-earned rewards, such as "Peacekeeper" body skins!

In the next two weeks players will get their "Mutiny" Battle Pass achievements and a new rewards for reaching the100th level: DVL-10 М2 will disappear from your inventory, and will be replaced with 1000 free cards plus 50 000 WF$. This way, the most active BP participants will have an opportunity to craft the weapon they like. 

Battle Pass "Mutiny" will finish on the 25th of November

Please note: You can complete tasks and get different rewards till the start of the server maintenance. Once the maintenance is over, you will no longer have access to the tasks as well as personal crates, in other words, to the "Mutiny" Battle Pass contents as such. 

Event is not over yet: a set of stunning skins and themed guns are waiting for you!

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