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  • The current game version features a new weapon Barrett MRAD Mk22, fixes to certain bugs, weapon tweaks and reinforcement of the game defence system.

    12 Jan 2022
    Patch Notes
  • We have added the festive event "Winter Fiesta" and holiday maps for it in the new version. We have also reworked specific "Snowstorm" gear specs and fixed some bugs.

    20 Dec 2021
    Patch Notes
  • The winter season includes a new reworked Battle Pass, contracts for the "Snowstorm" gear, new weapons and other cool content. Be first to learn details!

    09 Dec 2021
    Patch Notes
  • December starts with a small but significant hotfix. We have fixed a bug due to which the contracts interface may stop responding the player's commands. Read on for the full change log.

    01 Dec 2021
    Patch Notes
  • A fresh content update has been installed on the game server. You are in for a new event "Prison Break" and its content, changes in the specifications of some weapon models, bug fixes and much more.

    25 Nov 2021
    Patch Notes
  • In this game version, we have boosted the specs of the guns available in the seasonal Battle Pass shop, added new models that can be upgraded with modifications, and fixed bugs.

    10 Nov 2021
    Patch Notes
  • The spooky update features heaps of Halloween inspired novelties, a set for a new agent, a brand new modification system, tweaks to the experience received per match in the Battle Pass, and bug fixes!

    27 Oct 2021
    Patch Notes
  • Military-style content, an all-new Battle Pass system, and technical improvements are already in game. Be first to learn more about the novelties of the Season "Origins".

    13 Oct 2021
    Patch Notes
  • This version of the game client offers three new weapons, a new agent and themed content related to him, a weapon series, a new bat, and other cool novelties. Be first to learn details! 

    16 Sep 2021
    Patch Notes
  • We have fixed an in-game vulnerability related to the use of smoke grenades, improved the characteristics of the shotgun SPAS-12 Special, and fixed some bugs.

    26 Aug 2021
    Patch Notes